Stop Negative Thoughts

It’s natural to try to reason ones way out of harmful thinking, but in my experience, reason is not a reliable way for me to become positive. Underlying reason is a layer of feeling, attitude, and the force of habit that colors my thoughts.

I think of thoughts as plants in my “mental garden.” Sure there are some deep-rooted weeds, but they do not deserve all of my attention. If I only focused on the weeds my good plants would die, leaving me with an empty plot of dirt for a mind. Yuck!

I don’t want my life to be empty like a dirt lot. Some speak of “nothing-ness” or “emptiness” as a spiritual goal. Maybe it’s semantics, but I don’t think of fulfillment as empty. My experience of fulfillment is never empty.

The garden in my mind is full of beautiful flowers and they way I grow them is by putting energy into beautiful thoughts and feelings. Instead of obsessing on the weeds I must water, love and feed my positive thoughts.

The underlying layers feeling, attitude, and habit are the soil I plant in. It’s hard for blossoms to rise from a dry bed of rocks.

Here are some suggestions for softening and enriching the “attitude soil” of your own mind.


  • Don’t take yourself so seriously. J. Donald Walters writes: “The secret of happiness is the ability to congratulate oneself happily on one’s own unimportance while others vie for supremacy.” This is just one of the “secrets” from his book, “Secrets of Happiness.” This little book has helped me immensely.
  • Learn from your mistakes. I have made many awesome mistakes! My level of ignorance coupled by my insatiable desire to do something!, and lack of patience have made for some great stories! But at the same time, I do learn from these episodes. If I don’t learn anything but to be more humble, then that must be exactly what I need.
  • Have great respect for your ability to be wrong. This is not negative thinking. Negativity comes from the lack of acceptance that you and others are not perfect.
  • Stop judging others. If you believe we should be happy, kind, and loving. Why on earth would you join the army of sadness by judging others? It’s a habit. It’s not helping them, or you. By reacting to what you do not like, you have become an agent for what you yourself want end. It’s a trick of the devil. If you believe in a higher power, let Him, or It, or She, run the world. Of course you must do your part, but your part is not to control others, ever. If you think it is, than I don’t know how you’ll ever be happy. People need to learn at their own pace, and the best way to influence others is by our own example. Our joy and contentment is both a flower and a sword.
  • Remember everyone is doing the best they can. No matter how silly or criminally humans behave, underlying all of our nonsense is the desire to do what is right. Understanding this is a major step toward unconditional love and happiness.

Enriching: (Fertilize your mind with positive energy)

  • Feed your garden with Love! Seek out and embrace opportunities to help others without a thought for yourself. Just do it! Being helpful and serving is healing for you. By putting energy in this direction we can starve the weeds of self-involvement that feed our own negativity.
  • Water your garden with Joy! Fill your mind with positive energy through uplifting music, company, reading. Find one soul affirming song recorded by someone with uplifting consciousness (it matters) and listen to it all the time until it permeates your consciousness. Music has a unique ability to transmit and influence consciousness. Misery loves company, so be careful what you to listen to, and how you choose it. Lean toward what you aspire toward instead of what feels comfortable if you can.


  • Let the sun shine! Take care of your body through daily doses of fresh air, sunshine, brisk exercise, and fresh, healthy, natural food. Foods do affect our way of thinking. Read more about diet here.
  • Worry Fasting! Nothing good ever came from worry. If it’s a deep habit start with short fasts. Commit to ten minutes once or twice per day. Fill your mind with positive energy. A song, holy scripture, guided meditation, positive affirmation, or go work in your garden, or a nice walk in nature if possible. Smile for no reason. Laugh because it feels good. If you catch yourself worrying, you must also laugh at this. Practice each day, and gradually increase the length of fast until this becomes your natural state of mind.
  • Say Yes to Life! Spiritual growth is directional. Stay in the Now by being perfectly content with where you are, and eagerly embrace whatever life tosses your way. Do not cling to anything. See life as a school. Be a good student, and have lots of fun.


For myself, daily meditation has been key to my success in the above suggestions.


Here is one of my favorite affirmations:


“As I radiate love and goodwill to others, I will open the channel for God’s love to come to me. Divine love is the magnet that draws to me all good.”

From Scientific Healing Affirmations, by Paramhansa Yogananda

11 thoughts on “Stop Negative Thoughts

  1. Adonya Wong


    Beautiful post! You hit so many nails on the head! WOW!

    I have a feeling I’m going to be reading this post over and over and over again! Your words were not only thought-provoking, but they were filled with love, kindness & light!

    I loved this… “… softening and enriching the “attitude soil” of your own mind.” Just wonderful!

    Thank you so much, my friend, for another lovely post!

    In love & light, Adonya

  2. Mary McPherson

    Hi Turiya…WOW…what an exceptional piece on Stopping Negative Thoughts! I absolutely loved it! Especially, the visual way it was presented with the “garden” and nurturing the plants and flowers (positive thoughts) and starving the weeds (negative thoughts).
    I agree with Adonya (the first post) that it is something to “read over and over and over again.” That is why it is going into my special journal to remind me to stay on the postive track.
    You are always so thoughtful in whatever you say or write as well as honest and humble…it is so evident it all comes from your “heart” and I so appreciate that honesty…as I believe it is the ultimate honesty when it comes from the heart.
    Again, as I have said before…THANK YOU FOR ALL THAT YOU DO FOR OTHERS! And keep these wonderful and inspiring words of wisdom coming our way…PEACE, JOY, AND LOVE…MARY (Raja Yoga Student, Ananda Center, Torrance)

  3. turiyamoore

    Dear Adonya, and Mary,

    Thanks for the positive feedback!
    I do appreciate it and wish you both the best. Questions and feedback make this work possible, it’s not a one way street.

    So thank you again for your help, and keep it coming!


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  5. Adonya Wong

    I do have one more…

    How do you remain positive if your partner/spouse/significant other is not walking the same path?

    How do you keep yourself from not being affected by their mood swings?

    How does one remain on the path when faced with what would appear to be constant opposition where energy flow is concerned???

    At what point, does someway say, “Okay… it’s finally time for to start looking out for my spiritual well-being” even if they know it could mean a severing of the “old ways”?????

    1. turiyamoore


      This is a huge subject and quite personal, but I’m starting a post today to try to put some light on these questions. I’ll let you know.



  6. Brian Darnell


    That is a wonderful collection of advice. I love your analogy of the garden.
    Who wants an empty garden?
    I love it.
    I would like my garden to have a stream running through it with big beautiful koi and 20 foot tall yucca flowers!

    Thank you for the wonderful vision,

    Brian D. (aka 12hourhalfday)

    1. turiyamoore

      Hey Brian,

      Thanks for your feedback. I’m glad you like it. I can’t take credit for the metaphor. It’s from Paramhansa Yogananda. He described “mind” as soil and “thoughts” as flowers or blossoms often. It really helps me and I’m glad it helps you too!

      Have a great halfday!

  7. stacy

    Such a lovely piece of writing… so uplifting and so very relevant. Thank you for posting such thought invoking blogs. Very inspirational.

  8. Tuba

    This is an absolutely amazing article! I find it hard to stay positive each and everyday, so this would be very uplifting and inspiring note to begin the day with. Thank you so much Turiya….


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