Remembering How to Fly

Yesterday, I got to spend some time with friends who have a couple of beautiful children. They reminded me of how important it is for us to have fun.

We were at a restaurant and as we adults discussed our interests, the kids carefully opened their straws in just the right way, and proceeded to shoot their father with the wrappers. Simple, but effective. Dad’s smile, was so full of gratitude and love. God teaches us through everyone, but I love the lessons I receive from kids. This was the most important teaching of my day.

How is it that I forget to have fun? It’s because I start feeling that what I am doing is important, which translates into; I am important. My ideas, my dreams, my goals often become just a little too important. I have a favorite saying on my desk that I read every day.

It says:

“The secret of happiness is the ability to congratulate oneself happily on one’s own unimportance while others vie for supremacy.”

It’s from a little book called Secrets of Happiness, by J. Donald Walters.

You see, I need to hear this every day, because I do slip into this belief that what I want from life is important. It’s not a conscious choice as much as a habit, but it runs deep! Maybe this will sound silly, but I think I have come up with a test for this and I’m wondering if I should bring it into the classes I teach (I hope nobody is reading this).

If I was with young kids and asked them “can you fly like a bird or a plane?” Many children would answer by doing just that. They would spread their “wings” and go for a good fly spontaneously. Don’t we all see that this is healthy and good? Just the thought makes me smile.

What if we were asked the same question? Could we do that? with freedom in our hearts, and joy at the same time? Could we be so free in ourselves that the thought of what others think of us would never even enter our minds? Can we really fly?

Would you close your eyes for just a few breaths with me right now and fly? Can you taste the sky, or feel it on your face? Can you feel Joy in your heart? Let us surrender the hold we have on this world. It is not ours to control, we are like actors in the Creators dream. The Director of all life speaks softly in our hearts. But we must be relaxed to hear Him. Worry, stress, and tension caused by resistance or attachment, block our spiritual perception.

WE MUST NEVER FORGET HOW TO FLY. God’s grace is the air in our wings. Peace and Joy are the needle of our inner compass.

Whatever I feel is what I give to the world. What I feel inside is not my just my own, for we are never really separate. What I feel inside is the foundation of my every act. They are never separate. Whatever I do without peace and joy, will never be as helpful to man, or as pleasing to God as if it had been done with a consciousness of peace and joy.

Why would God, our divine father, mother, and dearest friend ever want us to be unhappy or lacking inner-peace?

I’ll see you in the sky.


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