Non-Lying Pt. 2

I just reviewed what I wrote in Non-Lying pt 1, and I’m just going to flow into this directly. If you have not read that post, this might make more sense if you read that first.

Goals that I place in the future take me out of the present and steal my joy.

The more I expect something to be one way or another, the more I am disappointed.
It’s not that working for what I believe in feels useless. It’s just that my focus on a specific outcome takes me out of the present. It instantly transports me into a fictional future experience that obscures the truth and sweetness of now. Specifics that I visualize into my future are like targets. They begin as inspiring goals, which provide a direction for my energy. But they also seem to become targets for “life” to take a stab at demolishing, while I helplessly watch from the distance. They are like a mirage that always vanishes right before I arrive.

By the way: I have always been a goal setter, and I have achieved much of what I set out to do. The thing is, it’s never been the way I thought it would be when I got there.

So how to stay in the “truth and sweetness” of now? My experience has been that when I focus on the quality of energy I put into my thought and activity, it keeps me more present. The outcome I desire now is simply the continued experience of joy. A nice side effect is that when I approach what I do with calmness, and trust, even without a thought of what will come of it in the future, things always seem to go pretty well.

I determine the quality of my energy by the inner-peace and love that I feel. No matter how difficult a situation may be I try to feel that God is in control and to be His willing instrument. This helps me maintain a feeling of gratitude and love in my heart. For me this is the answer and brings the greatest success in my life.

It’s not that I can prove this or even believe it all of the time, but in the great majority of situations, I can honestly say that how I feel in myself, determines the way I experience my surroundings. Not only that, but sometimes the way I feel, actually seems to create or alter circumstances. Haven’t you ever had a bad day that just seemed to keep getting worse? It’s almost like there is an inertia created. Or the opposite: have you ever had “a string of good luck?” Again we seem to know intuitively that there is a momentum to certain energies that we can choose to ride or avoid when we are aware of them. I believe our attitude has a major role to play in this dance.

In my opinion: The big lie is that we can attain inner-peace and joy by imposing our will on the world and living for ourselves. The truth is that we can have the joy and peace we crave, only if we learn to live in harmony with what we know is right in our hearts, without resisting, or needing to control, circumstances, or people.

If we stop wanting to change people, I think we will discover how much we love them.

I hope you have peace and joy in your heart right now. I love that we can interact this way through the web, and discuss spiritual topics like this. Daily meditation is a way to tap into the peace and joy at your own center. It gives us a firm footing from where we can move forward.

I would like to hear from you.  Questions and comments are welcome!

5 thoughts on “Non-Lying Pt. 2

  1. patti

    i am very much enjoying your blog…please keep up the good work!

    my recent trip to india has given me all sorts of food for thought, from the importance of vegetarianism for our spiritual/physical/environmental health (i really saw this up close and it clicked with me), to how acceptance of how things are makes for greater happiness….but doesn’t mean that you have to sit on your hands and do nothing to improve your circumstances.

    1. turiyamoore

      Dear Patti,
      Thanks for your feedback. I’m so happy you are finding this helpful. I have only been once, but India was a real life changer for me. I agree that we don’t “sit on our hands.” There is much good work to do. For me, it’s just the inner resistance to things as they are, that steals the energy I need for whatever I choose to do.
      When I’m free of that, everything goes better.


  2. Adonya Wong


    On March 10th, you tweeted about this post, and I faved that tweet. My intention was to read it later on that day.

    A little voice in my head told me to seek out that tweet, and here I am… 21 days later.

    I don’t believe in coincidences. I know that I was meant to read this post today.

    This is the year that I have pledged to “Let go and Let God”. I assure you this “letting go” hasn’t been the easiest pill for me to swallow… being a “control freak” and all.

    This is the year that I have also pledged to switch my focus, so to speak. Instead of giving way too much energy to the negative, I have pledged to give that energy only to the positive, thereby, offering me a more meaningful & purposeful life.

    This is the year that, based on your posts, I, too, must focus on non-lying. I am stuck in The Matrix; the time has come for me to let go of this false reality and seek only the truth.

    I love this quote, “The truth is that we can have the joy and peace we crave, only if we learn to live in harmony with what we know is right in our hearts, without resisting, or needing to control, circumstances, or people.”

    I wonder if I should get it tattooed on my forehead. Y’know… to keep me in alignment with my higher self? ;)

    I suppose that would be a bit extreme, but with your permission, I would like to make a pocket card of it. This way, I have the reminder sans pain. ;)

    Thanks so much for these thought-provoking posts.

    In love & light, Adonya

    1. turiyamoore

      Dear Adonya,

      I’m a control freak too! But it’s complicated by my need to accomplish what I set out to do. I like to win.

      I realized at some point that the only battle I have taken on, that has given me any victory, has been with my own way of looking at things. It sounds like we are on the same team!

      If a pocket card helps you or anyone else, I’m all for it.

      see you in twitterland :-)


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