Non-Lying Pt. 1

My focus on non-lying (truthfulness) this week has helped me be more centered and aware. It’s become a real exploration into what works, and what doesn’t work for me.

“Truthfulness is the necessary attitude for us if we would overcome our own false notions about life.”
Swami Kriyananda, The Art and Science of Raja Yoga

There is a habitual tendency in me to assume that my happiness is altered by circumstances.

I don’t believe this for a minute, but it has been a strong habit of my mind.

Life has proven that I rarely have much understanding of what is truly best for me. In fact, it is clear that some of the most difficult and even “unfair” situations I have faced have also been the most instrumental to create positive change in me. The hardest challenges actually gave me strength in the end, even when at the time I thought I might drown in them.

I can see that I have grown through the tests, and what I gained turned out to be exactly what I needed later on.(even in miraculous ways) I do believe that there is a conscious loving force (that I call God) attempting to guide my life.

What I believe or have noticed:
Circumstances are clearly out of my control.

The world I live in is like a conscious dream filled with illusions that can obscure the divine nature and purpose of life.

Most every experience that seemed random or unfair, later proved to have a purpose, and that purpose has always been positive.

The thoughts in my mind are not binding, they are not really my own, until I embrace them with my energy.

My feelings alter the way I think, and the things I think about.

If I think too much, I drift away from joy, love, and gratitude.

If I continue feeling gratitude, love stays awake in me, and my thoughts tend to be more positive.

The best way to banish negative thoughts is to burn them away with a good dose of gratitude.

If you have any feedback I would love to hear from you.

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4 thoughts on “Non-Lying Pt. 1

  1. Shona Paterson

    Thank you for sharing that information! it is similar to how I ‘see’ truthfullness. The best lessons I have learned have been through ‘challenging’ times and I have had many of them. I also think that when I have done a ‘bad’ thing that karma brings it back to me quickly.. so that is a good incentive to keep striving to be more positive and loving (a trait which I find quite difficult if I’m honest… don’t know if it’s a Scottish cultural thing or just me!).
    I know to that my thoughts are not mine and when they try and take over me I still my mind and I am the watcher of them.. until they calm down and dissapear. Art is a great teacher for me… bringing me into the ‘Now’ more and more too.
    love & light

    1. Shona Paterson

      Oh yes! if only the world were full of children!! love them sooo much… we were all children once though and I believe that deep down everyone is the same… the beauty just gets covered up by life experiences eh!

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