Meditation Benches

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If you would like to order a bench please contact us for a recommendation.

The Perfect Fit Meditation Bench is the most stable and comfortable kneeling bench for the widest range of users. Your legs combined with the bench itself form a solid triangle. You’ll feel more grounded and stable on our product than any other bench.

We have many unique fabrics. Click here to see them.

Two height settings instead of one! The legs are asymmetrical so that one position of the bench sits higher than the other by about half of an inch. If you turn it around you’ll be sitting higher or lower than before. During longer meditations this change can give instant relief.

We only sell what we believe is the absolute best product available.

We are here to help people live happier more spiritually centered lives. Our business as a way to make new friends, to help people with meditation, and to help meditation be as accessible as possible to everyone. We continue experimenting and making adjustments all of the time, but we won’t sell anything we don’t believe you’ll be happy with for the rest of your life. When we shifted from making the folding model to the fixed leg meditation benches we have now, some of our friends scoffed until they held the latest one in their hands and felt how light it was. Many of our friends and customers have our old folding models as well as our newer non-folding ones, and without exception they are using the fixed leg model at home and when they travel.

What if our meditation bench is not right for you? Here are two family owned manufactures who make good meditation benches and who offer folding as well as innovative take-apart models.