Thick Multi-Density Padding

Our meditation bench padding is unique because it’s 1 1/2 inches thick and layered with different density foams. It’s soft on top but underneath the soft layer is a denser cushion that further protects you from the feeling of sitting directly on a hard surface. People with less “built-in padding” on the rear will notice the difference right away.

Our special pad conforms to your shape yet offers solid support at the same time. Anyone who meditates for long periods knows the “hard as rock” feeling that most meditation benches or cushions can give. Our bench is different, it never feels that hard, and even after years of daily use it remains more comfortable than anything else because of our multi-layered & multi-density pad system.

The Perfect Fit Meditation Bench has plush padding, and a large seat measuring 18 x 9 inches. It gives plenty of support for larger people and the extra room means you can further adjust the way the bench feels by sitting either forward, rearward, or directly in the center of the bench.

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