More About Meditation Bench Sizing

The surface you meditate on will affect the way your bench fits you. Kneeling on softer surfaces (zabutons for example) will cause your bench to sink into them. In this case you may want a taller bench to make sure your feet have enough room. If you get a bench that seems too tall, use a blanket or pad beneath you and you might find it’s even more comfortable than having a shorter bench with less padding for your legs. It is easy to make a bench that seems too tall fit you. If the bench is too low, you may have to return it.

Every body is unique. Use these size recommendations as a rough guide. People with longer legs often prefer a taller bench. Those with shorter legs often do best with a smaller one. But it also depends on how flexible you are, and what parts of your body are more or less flexible.

Recommended for flexible people about 5’6″ and under.

Medium: (fits most people best)
Fits most people very well up to about 6’1″.

Good for bigger people and those with long legs, or with slightly less flexible knees, hips, or ankles. (Some flexibility is required. If your knees or ankles are very stiff, you may find that the kneeling position is not for you. In that case sitting in a chair would be recommended.)

Try the Bench Sizing Test: To simulate the sitting height of our benches you can sit on a stack of smaller sized books with your legs on either side of them in the kneeling position. Make the stack the same height as listed below for the bench size you are considering.

  • 7 3/4 inches to simulate the Large
  • 7 1/4 inches to simulate the Medium
  • 7 inches to simulate the Small

These heights simulate the sitting height of our bench when used in its lower position. When using the higher side of our bench you’ll sit about 1/4 an inch higher.

Bench Seat Dimensions are 18 x 8 inches

Watch a video about using our bench.
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