Adjustable Height & Angle

Have you ever adjusted the angle or height of your car seat to make yourself more comfortable during a long drive?
Turiya once had chronic lower and upper back pain which made meditation difficult. After years of trial and error, and careful refinement, he has developed a very unique adjustable meditation bench that will allow you to sit for extended periods in comfort. The secret is the ability to make small changes in height and angle of the bench while sitting. For longer meditations in comfort, train yourself to make small adjustments before you feel you need them. This is more effective than waiting until you have to move.

This bench will instantly improve your meditation posture and comfort.
We have worked personally with hundreds of meditators and no other sitting device has been so universally loved as The Perfect Fit Meditation Bench. Even people who never dreamed they could sit to meditate without experiencing pain in any position love meditation with this bench.

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