The Dual Height Meditation Bench

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black zen meditation bench with black cotton canvas cover over pad

light green meditation bench

earth tone grey kneeling bench for meditation

coral colored meditation bench


meditation bench with white and beige lines

meditation bench with lime green fabric

meditation bench with gray and green pattern

meditation bench with amethyst fabric


meditation bench with brown, gold and green circles and squares

Our Adjustable Dual Height Meditation Bench will grow with you instead of holding you back. Your sitting practice as well as your body changes over time. Our bench adjusts to your body’s needs every time you sit on it.

Enjoy longer/deeper meditation in perfect comfort. Even if you have the perfect angle and height bench for you, after some time your body will get tired of sitting in the same exact position. Now you can lean slightly forward and adjust the angle of your bench to change were the pressure lies in your spine and get a surprising amount of relief. The feet of our bench are left slightly rough, so they don’t slip beneath you. Don’t let the beauty fool you, this is a bench made by and for meditators.

All of our benches have our unique “dual height” legs. This is not a symmetrical arc as is found on other benches. It is designed to work well in both the lower or higher sitting positions. This is the only meditation bench we have ever seen with two sitting heights! And they work.

The padded seat is 18 x 9 inches. The wider surface gives extra comfort and allows you to finely adjust the way the bench feels by sitting either forward, rearward, or directly in the center of the seat.

We use a unique multi-density pad system that offers the greatest possible comfort. This bench is designed for long meditations. Heavy-duty foams cost us more, but we use them because they last longer than anything else. We round and smooth all the edges of the wood under the padding where no one will ever see it, because this makes the pad last longer and makes the bench more comfortable.

We keep it light. The first incarnations of our current bench were made as folding models. Turiya took one of these to India on a spiritual pilgrimage and realized that even though it was convenient to fold, it was too heavy to carry around! That folding bench was retired when he got back and he went to his shop to figure out a better way. The fixed legs bench we sell now is what he came up with and what he carries no matter where he goes.

Our benches usually weigh between 3 – 3.5 pounds!

To build a decent folding bench you have to use wood that is heavy. This type of wood is required to hold the screws that fasten the hinges on a folding meditation bench. When you add the weight of the hardware and the heavy wood you get a bench that literally weighs twice as much as our current model. With a little creativity our solid (but much lighter) bench, is actually easier to carry around. We know because we have done it extensively.

We believe that our meditation bench is more comfortable than any other. Turiya had challenges with pain while sitting and began trying different ways of sitting and found kneeling on a bench to be the easiest for him at that time. His first bench was purchased from a popular meditation bench builder. It was an immediate improvement but after a short time his bench seemed less and less comfortable.

He found that the angle of his bench was just not what his body needed. This is a common complaint we hear about normal meditation benches. Having one angle and trying to make that work for all the different body types and sizes is not realistic.

The padding was wearing out at an alarming pace. The wood beneath the padding was left sharp on the edges so it was cutting through the pad within a few months. The pad was loosing its cushy feeling and it was also getting lumpy.

Turiya began looking for a new meditation bench. He looked at other benches and found them all to be similar in design and construction. He finally decided to build his own. That was over ten years ago.

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