How to Meditate

1: Breathing Meditation
Get started right now with simple easy to follow instructions.

2: Tips for Beginners
Important facts to help you be more successful as you learn how to meditate and develop your daily practice.

3: The Art of Meditation
Meditation is more than sitting and watching your breath. You’ll get more out of your practice if you give thought to the kind of attitude you bring to your practice. You may not “be there” every day, but it’s good to know what direction to go if you want learn to meditate deeply.

How to Reduce Stress & Anxiety
Approaching our own reactions or emotions in a mental way is not always effective. Lucky for us yoga teaches other ways to control ones experience. By learning how to relax the breath, you can have great success relieving or avoiding altogether mental, and physical tension, and negative thoughts.

Stop Negative Thoughts
It’s natural to try to reason ones way out of harmful thinking, but in my experience, reason is not a reliable way for me to become positive. Underlying reason is a layer of feeling, attitude, and the force of habit that colors my thoughts.