Speaking / Workshops

I do talks and workshops on many topics. Here are some:

  • increasing harmony & success in workplace, home, or relationships
  • deepening ones spiritual life
  • developing or increasing enthusiasm, & joy
  • developing creativity, faith, & intuition
  • clarifying & achieving your goals
  • developing a close relationship with the divine, God, or higher self
  • how to choose, attract, or find ones spiritual path or guru
  • how to take any religious or spiritual path deeper
  • how to reclaim ones joy & inner peace
  • create a daily meditation practice
  • secrets for deep meditation
  • Patanjali’s raja yoga (ashtanga yoga, or the eight limbed yoga)
  • path of kriya yoga of Paramhansa Yogananda
  • yogic techniques for self healing & the healing of others

Inquire about a workshop or lecture for your group.